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"The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Goldfish"

Updated: May 17, 2023

One of the most well-known and well-recognized freshwater aquarium fish is the goldfish. They are a favorite among aquarium hobbyists due to their great range of colors, shapes, and sizes. In this post, we'll examine some of the most popular varieties of goldfish in more detail.

Types of Goldfish
Comet Goldfish

1. Common Goldfish ( comet )

The most well-known types of goldfish is the common goldfish, commonly called the comet goldfish. They feature flowing fins on a long, slender body that is bright orange in color. Common goldfish are best kept in a sizable aquarium or pond because they can get up to 12 inches long.

A single, long dorsal fin and a forked tail are features of the long, slender body of the comet goldfish. Though some may have a combination of colors or even white scales, they are mainly red, orange, or yellow in hue. Comet goldfish have translucent scales that make them appear to glitter in the water. They are one of the largest species, with a maximum length of 12 inches.

Tpes of Goldfish : Shubunkin
Shubunkin Goldfish

2. Shubunkin Goldfish

A fancy Type of goldfish known as a shubunkin, they are often blue or blue-gray in hue with spots of orange, black, or white. They can reach a length of 8 inches and have a thin body with a forked tail. Shubunkin goldfish are a fantastic choice for novice aquarists because they are robust and simple to care for.

Shubunkin goldfish are distinguished by their distinctive and eye-catching appearance. They have a long, slender body that is often blue-gray with white, orange, and black spots. The translucent scales of shubunkin goldfish give them a dazzling appearance in the water. They feature long flowing fins and forked tails that are often black in color.

Type of goldfish : Ryukin
Ryukin Goldfish

3. Ryukin Fish

With a pointed head and a hump on their back, Ryukin goldfish have a distinctive appearance. Their twin tail and short, deep bodies give them a unique appearance. Red, white, and calico are just a few of the colors that Ryukin goldfish come in.

Goldfish of the Ryukin variety stand out from other varieties thanks to their striking appearance. They are typically metallic or calico in color and have a pointed head and curled, humpbacked body. A Ryukin goldfish's tail frequently has a fan form, and its fins are short and rounded. Although some may grow larger, they can reach a maximum length of 8 inches.

Types of Goldfish : Oranda
Oranda Goldfish

4. Oranda Fish

The "wen," or characteristic head growth, is a fleshy growth on top of the head that is unique to oranda goldfish. They have a long, flowing tail and a rounded, curving body. There are several different shades of Oranda goldfish, including red, black, and blue.

Oranda goldfish are different from other Types of goldfish in that they have a special and distinctive appearance. They have a rounded, bulbous head, known as a "wen," and a bent, humpbacked body that is typically metallic or calico in color. An Oranda goldfish has long, flowing fins, and their tail frequently resembles a fan. Although some may grow larger, they can reach a maximum length of 8 inches.

Types of Goldfish : Lion Head
Lion Head Goldfish

5. lion head Goldfish

Lionhead goldfish are distinguished by the hood, or "wen," that covers the top of their heads. They have a twin tail and a short, rounded body. Red, orange, and calico are just a few of the colors that lion head goldfish can be found in.

The Lionhead goldfish's big, rounded head, which resembles a lion's mane, is its most distinguishing characteristic. A "wen," a fleshy growth that covers the skull and can have a smooth or frothy texture, is present. The Lionhead goldfish has a short, stocky body, with a generally fan-shaped tail. Although some may grow larger, the fish can reach a maximum length of 6 inches.

Types of Goldfish: Ranchu
Ranchu Goldfish

6. Ranchu Fish

Ranchu goldfish have a short tail and spherical, egg-shaped body. They resemble lion head goldfish in appearance, although they lack the latter's unique head growth. Ranchu goldfish are available in a range of hues, including as red, white, and black.

The Ranchu goldfish is distinguished by a large back hump that protrudes from behind its head. The hump must be substantial, smooth, and symmetrical, and it must not obstruct the fish's ability to breathe or swim. Ranchu goldfish have a short, rounded body, a tapering tail, and no dorsal fin. The fish has a small, rounded forehead, short snout, and a small head. There are several different hues of Ranchu goldfish, including red, orange, white, black, and blue.

Types of Goldfish : Pearl Scale
Pearn Scale Goldfish

7. Pearlscale Goldfish

The bodies of pearl-scale goldfish are rounded and curled, and their scales resemble pearls. They have two tails and can be seen in a range of hues, such as red, orange, and calico.

Pearl-scale goldfish are distinguished by their distinct scale pattern, which gives them a pearly look. The fish have elevated, rounded scales that give them a rough appearance. Depending on the fish's hue, the scales can also be yellow or red in addition to their regular white tint. The hues of pearl scale goldfish include red, orange, white, and black. Their twin tail and rounded body shape give them a lovely swimming motion.

Type of Goldfish : Bubble eye
Bubble Eye Goldfish

8. Goldfish with Bubble Eyes

With fluid-filled sacs under their eyes that give them a bubbly look, bubble-eye goldfish have an unusual appearance. They have a twin tails and a circular, curved body. The delicate bubble-eye goldfish must be handled with care.

The huge, fluid-filled sacs under the eyes of bubble-eye goldfish are their most distinctive characteristic. Due to their fragility, these sacs must be handled carefully to avoid damage. The fish have an unusual and attractive appearance because of their frequently small and pointed eyes. The bubble-eye goldfish has a spherical, tapered body that is available in a number of hues, such as red, orange, white, black, and blue.

In conclusion, there are many different sizes, colors, and shapes of goldfish. It's crucial for aquarists to do their study and pick the best sort of goldfish for their aquarium or pond because every type of goldfish has different traits and needs. Aquarists can give their aquatic pets a beautiful and healthy habitat if they have a thorough awareness of the various sorts of goldfish that are available.

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